Thank you to all residents who completed and returned the initial questionnaire.


The Gravenhurst Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group would like to thank all residents who completed and returned the initial questionnaire that was delivered to residents in November and December 2018. In total, 150 questionnaires were returned from 250 questionnaires that were delivered to residents across the Gravenhurst parish. From the 150 questionnaires there were 337 individual responses (277 adult responses and 60 young resident responses).

The completed questionnaires were then entered into an on-line survey tool for analysis purposes and the results were exported into a report. This report will be incorporated into the Gravenhurst Neighbourhood Plan, along with the individual responses collected.


The report is attached below for reference, along with a blank questionnaire to remind you of the contect of the questions.






For further information, please contact us at or call Derek Blackwell (GNP Steering Group chair) on 01462 711629 / 07958 123284.