Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group


The draft Vision Statement

'To maintain and enhance the existing character of the Parish of Gravenhurst as a small rural village with a strong sense of community where people of all ages and backgrounds feel welcome to live, work and study, whilst at the same time permitting small scale sustainable, sensible growth that is in line with and enhances the traditional character, lifestyle, needs and wishes of the community.'


Why do we need a Neighbourhood Plan?

No one cares about our village more than us, the residents who live here. Having a Neighbourhood Plan for Gravenhurst will ensure our requirements on the things that matter for our village are considered when any future development takes place.

Without one, Gravenhurst will not have a voice, in the same way that other villages with a plan do, regarding scale and type of future developments and on how we wish to preserve the assets that we have. There are currently about forty Neighbourhood Plans in development within Central Bedfordshire.

What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

A Neighbourhood Plan is a new way for local people to influence the planning and development of the area in which they live and work. We now have an opportunity to shape the future of Gravenhurst Parish.

  • Once our Neighbourhood Plan is approved, it will be a legal document setting out what development is acceptable and for what reason. Developers and local authority planners must take notice of the plan when future developments are proposed. Without a Neighbourhood Plan our views will not be considered, we'll have little control over any development that takes place and we will receive less community funding from developers.
  • The Gravenhurst Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group are putting together a Neighbourhood Plan for our parish, supported by the Gravenhurst Parish Council.

How does this affect us? 

Our Neighbourhood Plan must comply with Central Bedfordshire's Local Plan and the government's wider policy of sustainable development. Inevitably, building development will happen in Gravenhurst, but a Neighbourhood Plan will ensure that it is in keeping with, and responsive to, our needs. It will also help to ensure the services and facilities we have asked for are a requirement in any new developments.